Finding Your Power

When Being Positive Is Crazy

While there are many things to be positive about, there comes a time where being sunny seems loony. How can you crack a real smile when there is so much bad news? And so much of it. Hence, the following words.

I shut down all my social media accounts a few months ago – Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I was so tired of reading opinions and complaints. They reminded me of Cool Whip, fluff and artificial ingredients. And the wasted time. So much wasted time.

Unfortunately, I’m now overcommitted to the New York Times, reading Breaking News all day, sometimes in the middle of the night. I’ll reach for my phone like I’m grasping for air. It’s always bad news, really deep bad news, and I can’t let it go. It’s a wonder I sleep.

I’ve traded the froth that is social media for the hard truth, and I don’t feel any better. It’s all too much information no matter where it comes from. I can’t wait to get out and knock on doors. Sputter the script about who you should vote for. Anything that will bring me face-to-face with someone who might want to listen to words from an in-person human.

We all miss a touch, a light-hearted phrase. In quarantine, it’s hard to come by. Not to be corny, but there really is love all around you. It’s not all bad news. Sometimes you just need to be positive and imagine it.