The Blue Angels And Honor

Saturday afternoon we hurried out of the house at 1:30 to watch The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly over Atlanta. They are the Navy’s highly skilled acrobatic flying teams. I caught site of the last plane rocketing into the tree line. The sound was like smooth thunder, very impressive and majestic.

We walked down the block to a patch of open sky, thinking the planes might circle back and we’d get a better view. As we moved I started crying, a quiet cry that no one noticed. I was overwhelmed by the sight of The Blue Angels, the nobility in their flight and the goodness in their gesture. After all the losses we’ve experienced during the pandemic, after all the soul crushing political controversy thrown at us like garbage every day, seeing the Blue Angels was deeply comforting. It felt like a pat on the shoulder from your grandfather and words of assurance from a favorite teacher. 

Seeing The Blue Angels also felt like a revelation. Ahh…this is what we needed. Not a press conference, not an opinion piece or a bold proclamation that resembles a dumpster fire.

The Blue Angels flew across America to thank our healthcare community for their tremendous commitment and sacrifice during the Covid-19 pandemic. They lifted our spirits too. Most of all, even though I only saw one plane, it was more than enough to remind me that there is still honor in America.