Love and A Hurricane

There’s an example of all that is good buzzing at the end of our block. It’s a home being re-built. My friend Judith lost half her house from the wind. It was the only victim of Hurricane Irma in our neighborhood. Her oak tree, with hundreds of rings, gave in to one of the last
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e.e. cumming's quote - heart and love

I Carry Your Heart With Me

E. E. Cummings wrote the perfect poem of love. It reaches right into your soul. My favorite line is, “I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)” A heart within a heart is such a tender image. And then you consider the weight of the promise. To carry a heart inside
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a view of our backyard from my desk

Finding Your Place To Thrive

With writing, and every other endeavor, you need a place to thrive. A nook suited to your temperament. Your mission control. My space includes pin-drop quiet, sunlight, and a garden. My ears are amplifiers. Any kind of noise clogs my brain. Quiet time in a day and quiet for writing means everything to me. Sometimes
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