Thanksgiving Dinner Outdoors

A Recipe For Thanksgiving

A big comfort-food meal, gathering with gratitude in mind, these are the reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m not going to say it’s not stressful because it is. You have to make a lot of things—this one’s favorite this, that one’s favorite that. I can’t help but get cranky and high-pitched in the hours
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Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

The Signs Told the Story

The day we dropped our daughter Emma off at Rhodes College was a not a day orchestrated for reflection. There was a fast-paced schedule to keep. When Emma was settled in her dorm room, I began to see the signs. They came like gifts and tonics. The first came from head of food service, who
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Rocking Chair on the Lawn at Sunrise

Breakfast for Your Soul

One of my best investments in comfort is the rocking chair on our porch that sits facing east for the new day. Most mornings I step outside to a black sky and sit with the last bit of night. I’m wrapped in fleece from head to toe in a big furry robe and old shearling slippers.
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Grandpa Lou, the Optimist

An Optimist Who Lived With Intention

It has been a year since my husband Mark’s father died. His sister Barbara and I were there for the last test of life and the final blessing from a hospital priest. A year later, Lou’s gifts of unquestioning optimism and confidence seem more remarkable than ever. All his accomplishments began with a foundation of
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a bowl of apples in the morning light

The Morning Light Soothes Your Soul

Home alone this morning I decided to make pancakes and serve my soon-to-be happy myself with handmade ceramics. I even had a tiny ceramic pitcher for the maple syrup. Fill it and you have just enough syrup for a pancake. I added a handmade juice cup and napkin just because. Perfection. I adore a handmade
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Everyone’s Mom

Kay Math is a wonder and a beloved aunt. In addition to parenting her five children, she is a mom to many of her nieces and nephews, including me. She taught me how to bake, sew, iron, shuck corn, slice a tomato and churn butter. By example, she demonstrated how to be a gracious hostess
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