A woman praying

Praying for Prosperity

My friend Betsy prays for prosperity every day. This morning she asked me if I was trying to prosper through my blog. “Yes,” shot out of my mouth like a reflex. I didn’t want to seem like a dilettante. The truth is, I don’t think about writing and money together. I focus on quiet and stillness and watching and listening. When I consider the money I should be earning, jobs that don’t tax the brain or jack your heart rate come to mind. I need my whole head and heart for writing and a wide circle of calm.

To compensate, I’ve cut our budget to the bone. My husband and I share a car. I’ve divorced myself from J. Crew and good shoes. I am now a devotee of Old Navy and Target fashion from head to toe. I clean our wooden floors on my hands and knees and don’t complain because it actually feels good to be close to the grain. I like seeing whats going on under the cabinets and in the corners. Who knew a floor could be so dirty or that coffee could splash through the edges of a cabinet?

I make a hug effort to clear my mind and absorb life as it unfolds at dawn. I look and listen for a moment when I can bond with a feeling so true that writing about it becomes a blessing. Something spiritually or emotionally useful unfolds when my mind is an empty room. When I succeed my soul prospers in ways I could never have imagined.